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CNESST lawyer for work accident victims

Being injured at work can lead to devastating financial, physical and personal consequences for the victims and their families.

Bégin Avocat knows how time consuming and frustrating it can be for victims to obtain compensation for the damage they have suffered. That is why we strive to help injured parties obtain fair and adequate compensation.

For more than twenty years, Bégin Avocats has assisted victims of work-related accidents in Quebec, from the preparation of their file to the Administrative Labour Court, in order to help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

Bégin Avocat supports you before the CNESST

Me Bégin has worked with hundreds of victims of work-related accidents during his career. He is very familiar with the complexities of these lengthy procedures.

At Bégin Avocat, we can assist you with all types of claims related to the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) in Quebec. This also includes appeals of unfavourable CNESST decisions, which must be contested within 30 days. There is no time to lose for victims of decisions that they feel are unfair.

Our administrative lawyer ensures that injured workers receive all the benefits they are entitled to in a timely manner.

Bégin Avocat can help you if you are:


What is the CNESST (formerly CSST)?

The Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail is the Quebec agency responsible for ensuring compliance with labour standards in the province.

As such, the CNESST must:

  • Ensure that workplaces take responsibility for the health and safety of workers
  • Compensate victims of occupational injuries
  • Ensure their rehabilitation

However, it is sometimes difficult for victims of workplace accidents to assert their rights. If you think this is the case for you, you should have a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side.

How to be compensated by the CNESST after a work accident

In order to obtain justice and compensation, you need to know the main principles of the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases. 3 criteria are essential to recognize a work accident:

  • It must be sudden
  • It must have occurred while you were under the authority of your employer
  • It must have caused an injury or illness

Medical expertise is therefore essential to prove the legitimacy of the work accident to the CNESST.

You must file a claim with the agency within six months of the injury. There is also a 30-day time limit to contest a CNESST decision.

Given these conditions, having the support of a qualified lawyer is invaluable, and Me Bégin’s experience will help you at every step of the process.


Why call Bégin Avocat after a work accident in Quebec?

After the initial injury, Me Bégin ensures that all the forms for your CNESST claim are completed correctly and filed on time, minimizing the possibility that your claim will be rejected. He can also guide you through the appeal process if you have to go to the Tribunal Administratif du Travail.

As a member of the Quebec Bar and a lawyer who has been involved with victims for 30 years, you can be sure that Me Bégin has helped hundreds of people obtain justice that is commensurate with the harm suffered.

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance from a specialized lawyer if you are involved in a dispute with the CNESST.